International Recruitment

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We have deep experience, aquired over many years, in recruiting candidates for senior positions in major business centres and countries around the world. Increasingly the demands of our clients are international and we support them in this by searching on a global basis for the right people.

As in the UK, our international recruitment projects are managed rigorously and professionally through both executive search and selection methodologies. The selection process involves confidential web advertising in both overseas and UK web-based media in order to maximise the visibility of each role to the potential candidate population. For the search aspect we work with mulit-lingual research colleagues to identify, attract and secure the talents of high calibre, geographically mobile candidates.

Our international projects are handled by senior colleagues with specialist international recruitment expertise in our Leeds and London offices as well as in several continental European locations. We have successfully handled projects throughout Europe, USA, China, India, Russia, Africa, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

Our rigorous approach is supported by our professional support team and in addition to recruiting in-country we have also successfully appointed on an expatriate basis a significant number of UK resident candidates to overseas positions.

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