Non-Executive Directors

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Non-Executive Directors

Non-Executive Directors not only enhance Board performance but also strengthen the external view in which the company is held by all stakeholders.

Our recruitment approach involves a number of important inclusive stages:

We hold initial discussions with the Chairman and Chief Executive and other relevant Directors in order to define clearly the career experience and other attributes required from the appointee.

We will discuss with the client;

  • specific company, market, sector and operational/functional experience to be included in a detailed candidate profile

  • organisations, markets and sectors of high interest

  • any organisations which may represent a conflict of interest will be eliminated from the search process

We will draw up a formal job description to include;

  • the time commitment required by the Non-Executive Director

  • board meeting dates and locations

  • specific tasks and projects requiring involvement

  • committee involvement e.g. remuneration, audit etc.

We will identify potential candidates via multiple channels, including;

  • direct approach and contact with those identified as preferred on paper

  • recommendations and networking throughout our extensive contact base

  • advertising – very effective in producing a broad range of candidates quickly, sometimes leading to different, less obvious candidates and/or those previously regarded as unreachable

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