Providing your due diligence on candidates.

With any important business decision it is essential to do your due diligence, not least with candidates for key roles in your organisation. A well prepared CV is important, but invariably not enough. Our Self-Awareness Questionnaire is a unique and powerful tool used in the recruitment process and is included as standard for all Adderley Featherstone assignments.

It is data, based on facts, figures, achievements, competencies, circumstances, culture fit and references and provides absolute clarity on a candidate’s background. It is complementary to their CV and it also includes the organisation structure of their existing company and their position within it, a special skills summary including any identified skills gap, their achievements profile, key areas of expertise and marketplace knowledge, their motivations and reasons for seeking a change.

Additionally it provides a detailed breakdown of their salary and benefits package, their salary expectation, availability and location factors.

It greatly facilitates the decision making process and it will ensure that the right decisions are made based on real evidence of the candidates experience, background and achievements.

It provides due diligence on candidates. This is in the interest of both clients and candidates alike and it helps to ensure that the right people are appointed.

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