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Management Selection uses a focussed online advertising campaign to attract candidates. It is an effective and often speedier alternative to Executive Search.

The decision to advertise is based primarily on the candidate specification and not the level of salary. When the requirement is of a more generic nature or it is felt that candidates with transferable skills and experience are appropriate it is likely that the best candidates will be most effectively sourced through a comprehensive online media campaign.

Good candidates can be attracted by using high quality, relevant websites or printed media in some cases. Our distinctive advertising style is designed to promote the position above all else. We take great care and believe in effective, powerful and interesting advertising copy. The client’s name is not usually disclosed in the advertisement unless requested or thought to be beneficial.

Appointments are posted on our company website as standard. Additionally, we provide a cost effective online advertising campaign through our sister company Online Resourcing covering the UK’s leading generic, executive, regional and niche jobsites, building in specialist sites which complement the particular sector, discipline or geography relevant to your role.

Candidates are interviewed and assessed against the role profile, person specification, culture fit, competencies key to success and salary parameters. Typically a shortlist of 4 or 5 candidates is presented and your consultant is available to interview the shortlist with you if required.

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