The Difference

We love what we do and it shows in the way that we work.

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When you partner with Fortune Hill, you feel the difference immediately. It’s in the way we think and act. It’s in the way we listen to you and develop an in-depth understanding of your requirements. Above all, it’s in our commitment to enhancing your business performance. After all, making a difference is more important than just being different.

We work in partnership with our clients to drive

better business performance through talent

acquisition. After all, people are the only true source

of competitive advantage.

World-class Research

At Fortune Hill, we consider the research phase critical. Therefore, we have built a world class, in-house research team and each Research Consultant works on only one assignment at a time, ensuring exclusive focus and commitment to the project. Our energy and focus gives us the impetus to dig deeper and look harder to identify the perfect candidate to suit your business needs and culture. When we find the candidate, no other firm would put more passion into promoting the opportunity and no other firm would manage the candidate journey so smoothly and sensitively.

Experience & Understanding

We have significant client-side experience, so we know first-hand what kind of service is provided by many of the leading global consulting firms, boutiques and broader recruitment services providers. We saw an opportunity to do things infinitely better. We believe in fully immersing ourselves in your business to fully understand your aspirations, culture and environment. That way, when managing a search assignment for you, we know exactly where to look to find the best talent to suit your organisation. This deep understanding of your business allows us to accurately assess whether an individual has the right style and behaviors to fit and be successful within your business.

“The best headhunter I have ever worked with. I’d

describe what they offer as real, true search. I trust

them completely to represent our brand well in the


Our clients, ranging from multinational corporations to start-ups, recognize that it is their people who enable them to achieve their ambitious goals. More specifically, they are often undergoing or planning significant transformation change and we identify and attract the very best talent to achieve their goals. Whether it is about fundamental business transformation or increasing departmental performance, our clients engage us to enable them to drive their business forward.

“Joel Barnett and his team at Fortune Hill has been

the single biggest contributor to assisting the growth

of our company.”

We get real pleasure from seeing the impact that our work has on your business. We are really proud to have been integral to some of the most extraordinary business success stories of the past decade. Whatever your objectives, we will work to find the people you need to achieve them. Our business is to enable your business to go further, faster.

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